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Cyprus Children’s Fund Supports 10 Nonprofit Organizations in Cyprus with $100,000


Nicos Zittis, National Chairman and President of the Cyprus Children’s Fund (CCF) and the Board of Directors, on February 5 announced the support of 10 nonprofit organizations in Cyprus with donations totaling $100,000. The organization renews its dedication to its noble mission with the continuation of its yearly grants to nonprofits and programs in Cyprus that support children and young adults. The funds the organization is distributing are revenues from its annual fundraising event and donations made to the Fund from individual contributors and organizations during the last year.

Zittis stated: “Year after year we have been able to financially support the wonderful and very much needed work of a number of nonprofit organizations in Cyprus. These organizations provide immensely valuable services to individuals with disabilities and serious illnesses, and their families. Having our own Scholarship Program, we strongly believe in the value of education and we also support the Independent Social Support Body which provides financial assistance to students attending institutions of higher education in Cyprus. We are in the position to do everything we do thanks to our organization’s sponsors and supporters and we are very grateful for their selfless generosity.”

The 2023 donations are being distributed to the following organizations:

  1. Independent Social Support Body (ISSB) which financially helps students studying at colleges and universities in Cyprus, who would otherwise not be able to complete their studies due to financial hardships. It is headed by the current First Lady of Cyprus, Mrs. Philippa Karsera Christodoulides.
  2. Theotokos Foundation with the mission of offering accommodation, healthcare, and medical treatment to children and adults with disabilities.
  3. Ronald McDonald House Charities Cyprus which strives to create and support programs that directly improve the well-being of seriously ill, hospitalized children and their families.
  4. Association of Parents & Friends of Children with Special Needs with the mission to solve problems faced by children with disabilities and their families.
  5. Autism Society – Paphos Branch with the main purpose to secure the rights of Autistic people in order to ensure a better quality of life for them.
  6. Margarita Liasidou Foundation which cares for children and adults with special needs, including overnight accommodation.
  7. St. Loucas Community (Koinotita Ag. Louka) which provides services for children and adults with complex disabilities.
  8. Archangel Michael’s Hospice which provides palliative care to children with terminal illnesses.
  9. Pancyprian Association of Parents and Friends of the Children with Cancer (Oncology Unit), which supports the families of children with cancer at the pediatric oncology unit of the Archbishop Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.
  10. Mikroi Iroes (Little Heroes) which supports children who fight any type and stage of cancer.

The Cyprus Children’s Fund continues to support children, families, and organizations with noble missions. To support, donate, and find more about the CCF, please visit www.cyprus-childrensfund.org.