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Western Queens Leaders Host Successful Workshop on 31st Ave Redesign


Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris, Senator Kristen Gonzalez, Assembly Members Zohran Mamdani and JessicaGonzález-Rojas, and Council Member Tiffany Cabán hosted approximately 200 people for a New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) workshop on the future of 31st Avenue and street safety in Astoria last night. The workshop was held at the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens. 

The large crowd heard from representatives from the NYCDOT, who laid out options for improvements along the 31st Avenue corridor. Area elected officials also delivered welcoming remarks to a capacity crowd in the club’s large auditorium. Following the presentation, attendees mingled with city planners, leaving comments and feedback on their preferred design choices.  

“Astorians have seen tremendous tragedy on our streets for years, so I am glad the DOT is finally taking the needed steps to improve our safety,” said Gianaris“I appreciate the many neighbors who came out and participated, the partnership from the NYCDOT that made this happen, and the collaboration with my elected colleagues. Working together, we will keep delivering the improvements our community needs”. 

“The record turnout at last night’s DOT workshop shows just how deeply Astorians care about keeping each other safe. Thanks to every community member who came out and made their voice heard, to the organizations that have mounted years-long fights for safe and open streets, to our fellow elected who are committed to keeping our communities safe, and especially to the DOT for organizing and hosting this workshop. These proposed interventions will save lives, and we will continue fighting to see them implemented as soon as possible”, said Senator Kristen Gonzalez. 

“Last night, more than 150 Astorians joined the Bike & Public Space Workshop, sending a resounding message: the call for safer streets reverberates profoundly throughout our community. Together, we can ensure that our streets put people first and advance the welfare of our community”, saidAssembly Member Zohran Mamdani.  

“Parts of my Assembly District have some of the highest numbers of traffic related deaths and serious injuries each year. The incredible turnout at last week’s event is a sign that our community is serious about change. I’m proud to partner with my fellow elected officials and work alongside the NYCDOT to make serious, needed changes to 31st Avenue that will make all of us safer”, said Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas.  

“Last night’s enormous turnout left no room for doubt: Astoria needs safer streets,” said Council Member Tiffany Cabán. “We have lost too many beloved neighbors to continue with the status quo. We need bold action, and we need it now. The DOT heard our community’s united voice last night, and I can’t wait for results to come to fruition. The fight for safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians is one that we will never back down from. If it saves lives, it’s worth doing”.