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Νia Vardalos’ new film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” features the “evil eye”

NEW YORK, NY – By Matina Demeli

Inspired by Greek culture and the city where she grew up, New York, the young Despina Kotsis designs clothes under the brand name “Minx New York”.

The “eye”, which Despina has designed in her new collection, impressed the Greek-American producer and actress Nia Vardalos, who will include it in her new movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”.

Despina Kotsis started designing when she was in High school. “I wanted to do streetwear because we are living in a streetwear generation and it is becoming so popular”.

The Greek-American designer is inspired, as she says, by New York and its people.

“I have a couple designs that I dedicated to my greek culture such as my best seller which is called the “DOPE EYE”. It is my most favorite design inspired by the Greek mati with a modern colorful twist. The lashes are a combination of the NYC skyline. This design was created to represent my life as a Greek American living in New York”.

How did the collaboration with Nia Vardalos come about?

“Nia Vardalos has always been a huge supporter of mine. I have been so blessed to have her along this journey of mine. From the first day I opened my online store, Nia noticed my brand. She later ordered a mati hoodie which she loved!

She has been a huge inspiration for me as a Greek American and last summer she reached out and wanted to include my brand in the upcoming movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! I was so honored and blessed when I heard this. I am so excited for the movie and cannot wait to see my brand be a part of this amazing film!

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding films have always been a huge part of my life that I can relate to, and now seeing my dream involved in a movie that impacted me truly leaves me speechless. Nia Vardalos has and always will be considered a true role model for me”.

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

“My dreams and plan for the future is that I would love to bring my brand Minx New York to Greece. Right now I am focusing on the evil eye inspired design because it is the most popular. I view this design not only as a fashion piece but a visual art piece as well. I want people to see the mati I designed and know that is my brand “Minx New York.” I would love to see Minx New York and my dope eye evolve in Greece. I would like to open a store in the future and see where my brand takes me! Things have been very rough with covid, I had to stop selling my clothes for 2 years. I felt as if all my hard work was erased and I have given up, but my family has taught me if you work hard and set your mind to something you can do it. It feels so amazing to be back selling my clothes with the same passion I have had since I started.

If you would like to purchase a hoodie you can order one from Despina’s website MINXNEWYORK.COM!

Follow her clothing brand and her account on instagram to keep up with the latest news! @deskotsis @minxnewyork