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Cine Paris Reopens with a Stunning Blend of History and Modern Design in Athens

ATHENS – GreekNews USA

Cine Paris, the iconic open-air cinema nestled in the historic district of Plaka, has reopened after an extensive renovation. This beloved Athenian landmark, renowned for its breathtaking views of the Acropolis, has been thoughtfully redesigned by the newly established architectural firm “Spatial Architecture + Design.” The firm, founded by Maro Krouska and Vasilina Kaouri, specializes in Mediterranean architecture and is based in Kolonaki.

The renovation of Cine Paris marks the debut project for Krouska and Kaouri, who approached the task with a clear vision: to enhance the unique experience of watching films under the Athenian sky while preserving the site’s historical integrity. Their design philosophy centered around simplicity and clarity, ensuring the renovation would blend seamlessly with the existing landscape of the summer terrace.

Cine Paris, a designated heritage monument, presented specific challenges. Any modifications needed to be reversible and contribute to the preservation of the building. Additionally, the redesign had to harmonize with the historical and architectural essence of Plaka. To achieve this, the architects drew inspiration from local traditions and the aesthetics of the area, incorporating a mix of old and new techniques and materials.

The redesigned cinema features traditional elements such as mosaic, white tile, and bright earthy colors reminiscent of old Athenian houses. These were paired with modern touches like bright signs, bulbs, and retro accents, creating a space that feels both nostalgic and contemporary. The architects also employed forged cement and wood to add to the authentic feel of the terrace.

The result is a lively and inviting atmosphere where simple, clean architectural elements coexist with the familiar and imposing landscape of the Acropolis. Mediterranean plants enhance the setting, adding to the cinema’s charm. Cine Paris now stands as a testament to the thoughtful integration of history and modern design, offering an unparalleled film-viewing experience in one of Athens’ most treasured locations.

As Cine Paris reopens, it continues to offer an enchanting escape, inviting moviegoers to create new memories while enjoying a piece of Athens’ rich cultural heritage.