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Dimitrios James Kontolios Runs for Re-election in Ridgefield, NJ

James Kontolios holding the Proclamation at the 2022 Hellenic American Heritage Commission Trenton March 25th celebration.

By Stavros H. Papagermanos

Ridgefield, NJ  –James Dimitrios Kontolios is running for re-election to a third term as a Councilman in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Mr. Kontolios, very active in the life of his local community, and very active in the Greek American Community in general, serves as the president of the United Chios Societies of the Americas and Canada, the umbrella organization of Chian associations and federations in North America.

He was born in Warren Ohio but since 1978 lives in Ridgefield. He is the chairman of two companies DBK Chian Enterprises and Accel Comm, providing a wide variety of Information Technology services and designing systems for the wireless telecommunications industry. 

While a Councilman, he has served on the Communications and Library committees as chairman, the Fire and Ambulance committee, the Health and Board of Education Committees and the Finance Committee.

Mr. Kontolios said he is very proud of Ridgefield and the progress he has been part of in the last 6 years. He especially pointed out his work in the fields of financial stability, keeping taxes low without compromising the high level of service for Ridgefield residents, while at the same time improving the town’s infrastructure and cultivating an environment that is favorable towards business. “We kept our spending under control,” he said, “we have not raised property taxes more than the cost of living of 2%, we have increased our municipal police force, and we have erected a new town hall without burdening our citizens with the cost.”

As elected official he works to benefit his constituency and local community, and when possible to connect nationally and internationally with charitable causes and needs, including his fatherland, Greece.

About 250 families of Greek origin live in Ridgefield. Most are members of the Ascension Greek Orthodox Church of Fairview, New Jersey, the community where Kontolios is an active parishioner.Fr. Christos Pappas, the pastor of this parish, was the first Greek Orthodox priest who blessed the inaugural City council meetings in Ridgefield on the day of Mr. Kontolios’ swearing-in ceremonies for both his terms.

Known as the “Greek” Councilman of New Jersey, Kontolios, organizes many cultural and charitable events for several philanthropic and cultural organizations nationwide. He is a member of Morris County AHEPA Chapter 300, serves as the liaison on behalf of the County Executive with AHEPA and presides at the Greek flag raising every year for March 25th. NJ Governor Phil Murphy has appointed him to the Hellenic American Heritage Commission of New Jersey.  He is the President of the United Chios Societies of America & Canada; Past-President of the Panchiaki Korais Society of NY and the Vice-President of Government Relations and a Founding Member of the Federation of Hellenic-American Organizations of New Jersey.

He has organized international conventions in Chios, Greece, for cultural and philanthropic support of the Skylitsion General Hospital, the Adamantios Koraes Library, the Ark of the Word (Kivotos tou Kosmou), and Special Needs Children and Adults, all on the island of Chios. When the Ridgefield Fire Department replaced their turnout gear, he led an effort to send 20 complete sets of firefighting gear to volunteer firefighters in Chios.