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Interview with Greek-American actor Sam Vartholomeos

Sam Vartolomeos Photo credit: Emily Assiran

NEW YORK – By Markos Papadatos

Greek-American actor Sam Vartholomeos (“The Crowded Room” and “Bridge and Tunnel”) chatted about being an actor in the digital age.

He is known for playing Mike in “The Crowded Room” on Apple TV+, as well as Jimmy Farrell in “Bridge and Tunnel” and Danby Connor in “Star Trek: Discovery.”

A native of New York, Vartholomeos has Greek roots, and he is of Greek Orthodox faith.

On being an actor in the digital age, he responded, “If someone knows how to navigate social media, I will give them my number and we could talk because I don’t know how to manage any of it.”

“I really hope it doesn’t come into play with casting and all that. I would hate it if social media pigeonholes you into certain roles,” he said.

“In the streaming side of things, I am watching ‘Masters of the Air,’ and I absolutely love it,” he added.

Vartholomeos shared his thoughts on AI (artificial intelligence on the future of the entertainment business.” My thoughts on AI are very short and sweet,” he admitted. “I think AI should help people and not get rid of them. While AI is inevitable, art should be human.

“AI is a good tool to use but people will always recognize the human touch, that is irreplicable. These days, we need to kind to each other and a little more generous; that really feeds the soul,” he explained.

For young and aspiring actors, he said, “Don’t quit. That is such a basic answer but seriously don’t quit. If I did anything else other than acting, I would be miserable.”

“Even though I love working with my hands and building things (such as being a carpenter), I just can’t see myself not doing something where I am not involved in the arts somehow,” he noted.

“You need to listen to yourself, be patient with yourself, and be kind to yourself. That’s the only way that you can shine from the inside out,” he added.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Vartholomeos responded, “Me.” “That’s the title of this chapter,” he acknowledged. “Not in a selfish way, but more in a loving way and a selfcare way.”

“You need to take care of yourself first before being able to take care of others. I need a little bit of ‘Me’ time,” he added.

His superpower of choice would be “time travel without repercussions.” “I would love to go back in time and in the future, where my actions would have no consequences,” he admitted.

When asked about his dream acting partners, he revealed, “Ed Burns was one but I already had the good fortune to work with him. I loved playing his son.”

“I would also love to work with Tom Hanks one day, as well as Rebecca Ferguson and Rosamund Pike,” he added.

Regarding his definition of the word success, he said, “Giving it your all with no guarantee of an outcome. Making sure you gave it your absolute all regardless of outcome.”

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