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Kefalogianni: Plan for sustainable tourism in full development now


The Tourism Ministry’s plan for a consistent and sustainable tourism development is being fully implemented currently, Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) in an interview to Kostas Halkiadakis released on Sunday.

Kefalogianni said a new cycle is beginning that needs to set strong foundations for the future of Greek tourism, based on sustainability of destinations and of the tourism product, as well as including balance and respect for local communities as well as the natural and cultural environment.

In particular, the new year’s strategic plan includes four basic goals, she noted: promoting sustainable development of destinations, boosting Greece’s competitive ability and its product’s differentiation, strengthening promotion and projection of its tourism opportunities through a new approach, and upgrading its tourism training and skills. Underpinning all policies and initiatives, she said, is the promotion of accessibility in tourism activities.

Among measures the ministry is preparing are initiatives to simplify the framework of providing licenses to tourism infrastructure (tourist ports, hot springs).

Commenting on future prospects, Kefalogianni was optimistic, noting that international market indicators were particularly encouraging both in terms of increased flights to Greece and in boosting of programs for Greek destinations.