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Metropolitan Constantine of Denver Enthroned 

DENVER, CO -[Photos: GANP/ Dimitrios Panagos]

His Eminence Metropolitan Constantine was enthroned today, June 22, as the Metropolitan of Denver during a solemn ceremony at the Assumption Cathedral in Denver, CO. His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America presided over the ceremony which was attended by hundreds of faithful and clergy from the Metropolis and from across the country.

His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa of American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America was the Patriarchal Representative for this occasion.

Attending the Enthronement Ceremony were Metropolitan Apostolos of New Jersey, Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago, who served as Locum Tenens for the Metropolis of Denver, Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzos, Bishop Nektarios of Diokleia, Bishop Thomas of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America and Bishop Andrei from the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of the OCA. 

Ecumenical representatives included Cardinal James Francis Stafford, Archbishop Emeritus of Denver; Bishop Peter Eaton of the Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida. 

Metropolitan Constantine was elected by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on May 17 to succeed Metropolitan Isaiah, who recently retired after offering over three decades of Arhcpastoral ministry in the Metropolis of Denver – beginning in 1992.

Addressing Metropolitan Constantine, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros remarked, “You have assumed the leadership of the largest Metropolis, in terms of square miles, and the smallest Metropolis, in terms of numbers of faithful. It is a challenge of which I know you are more than capable of shouldering. For you have served here since your elevation to the episcopacy, in October of 2022”.

“Your natural gifts and your episcopal experience will guide you aright as your lead this flock. And remember, the Shepherd leads from the back of the flock, watching all his sheep until they are safely inside the sheepfold. Stay with them. Remain with them. Abide with them. In their triumphs and their defeats. In their advances and their withdrawals. In their joys and in their sorrows. Be their shepherd and guide them aright, in the narrow ways of the Lord, because truth is always more difficult than falsehood, compassion more strenuous than neglect, and love more demanding than hatred”, His Eminence noted.

“This is the ministry of a true pastor, a shepherd who is willing to sacrifice even his life for the sheep. You have our unconditional support and love, and of all your brothers on the Holy Eparchial Synod, where you shall now add your eloquence and wisdom”, he added.

Upon his Enthronement, the Metropolitan remarked, “Having that understanding of my Hierarchal ministry, the first being the Liturgical worship, it is through that path that leads us towards His salvation. Not at any time can we be relaxed in any of these circumstances but strengthened in all things. We are a powerful voice in worship, not an ancient faith, but a continual faith that is unchanging, unadulterated, and what we know to be true”. 

“Even in the most difficult times, we find that strength to continue in what God calls us – to be good and faithful servants. Spreading the word of Christ to all, and those waiting to hear of the Good News of Christ is paramount. We cannot be afraid, but rather strengthened. Our lives today compel us to be empowered by faith, it is not done just in a singular expression, but always ready and prepared to be those examples of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. No matter where we find an Orthodox Church – whether in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, or by the warm air of the Gulf of Mexico, our churches are home. For myself, having the blessing already to visit all of the parishes within our sacred Metropolis, I rejoice in seeing how God is working. Our people have band together under the Banner of our Lord, work diligently to keep our churches thriving, and under the guidance of their priests, to worship our Lord. His love for His people is immense, and we are witnesses of this very alive faith”, the new shepherd of the Denver Metropolis noted. 

“Our Metropolis of Denver has a wonderful future. We have parishes in some remote areas, along with the big cities that are thriving. I am proud to say, and with confidence, that our churches are growing. Parishes in towns that became decimated when the economy changed are on the upswing. People are finding the faith, or they are reverting back to what they knew. Each community has shown the manifestation of our Lord in bringing our faithful closer to Christ. Youth are in church, accepting leadership positions, and bringing their friends and family back. Folks who left the church for whatever reason are returning, and it is our priests who are using technology and personal contact to interact and communicate with our faithful. The time is now to plant ourselves firmly in this soil that is waiting to be tilled to God-willing, continue to strengthen as a Body of Christ. I am committed to serving our faithful”, Metropolitan Constantine added.

Following the Enthronement Ceremony, a Luncheon was held at the Cathedral Hall with Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent Mike Emanuel as Master of Ceremonies.


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