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New School Year Begins for St. Demetrios Greek School in Upper Darby, PA

UPPER DARBY, PA – [Story-Photos/ Steve Lambrou]

The new school year for the Saint Demetrios Greek School in Upper Darby started on Tuesday, September 12 with the Agiasmos Service by the parish’s Proistameno Fr. Alexandros Kaitidis.

St. Demetrios church was filled with over 75 returning students and about 15 new ones who were ready to reconnect with their friends and begin classes. In attendance were also the seven returning teachers as well as the new addition to this year’s teaching staff, Eleni Sanida, who brings with her over 15 years of teaching experience and love for Greek culture to the Saint Demetrios Greek school.

Fr. Kaitidis and Greek School Principal, Maria Markakis, welcomed students, parents and grandparents and wished everyone a healthy and safe school year.  A special greeting was given to this year’s Kindergarteners who will be learning in a newly renovated and organized classroom filled with visual stimulating tools to make their learning more enjoyable.

School Board President, John Ginis, and Principal, Maria Markakis, presented some new standards in this year’s curriculum aimed to create a more supportive learning environment where students gain language skills, learn about culture and acquire confidence to speak Greek. Another change that the principal announced is that as of October 1, Saint Demetrios Greek school is offering online Greek language lessons for adults which will be done virtually from the school’s colleague, in Greece. The program has already been met with interest and enthusiasm.

Before the students were escorted to their classrooms to meet their new teachers, the 11 students successful in passing the Ellinomatheia Exams 2023 Levels A1, A2 and B1 were acknowledged and congratulated. The parents were asked to encourage their children to take the following level of certification in 2024.

Closing the evening, a big welcome back treat awaited everyone in the community’s small hall on behalf of the Saint Demetrios Greek School PTA.