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NY Pancyprian Freedoms Clinch Dr. Manning Cup in Thrilling Penalty Shootout


In a dramatic finale that will be remembered for years to come, the New York Pancyprian Freedoms emerged victorious over the NY Greek Americans in the ENYSSA 2023-2024 Dr. Manning Cup, held at Randall’s Island. The intense match, which concluded in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout after remaining scoreless through regular and extra time, saw the Freedoms retain the prestigious cup and win it for the 8th time in their history.

The hero of the night, without a doubt, was Josh Levine, the goalkeeper for the New York Pancyprian Freedoms, who not only showcased an exceptional performance throughout the game but also scored the game-winning penalty kick in the 10th round of kicks. Levine’s heroics earned him the title of game MVP, a fitting accolade for the player whose contributions were pivotal to his team’s success.

The match itself was a testament to the skill, determination, and spirit of both teams. As the game progressed through 90 minutes of regular play and into extra time without a goal, the tension reached its peak. It all came down to the penalty shootout, where precision, nerve, and a bit of luck would determine the champions.

Levine’s decisive penalty kick sealed the victory for the Freedoms, ensuring that the cup stayed with them for another year. This win not only celebrates the team’s relentless pursuit of excellence but also highlights their unity and the strategic prowess that have become their hallmark.

As the Freedoms prepare to represent ENY in the regionals of the US Amateur Cup, they do so with the confidence and pride of champions. Their victory at the Dr. Manning Cup is a reminder of the thrilling possibilities of soccer, where moments of individual brilliance can turn the tide and etch a team’s name in history.

The New York Pancyprian Freedoms, with their blend of skill, teamwork, and the inspirational performance of players like Josh Levine, are looking ahead to their next challenge. For fans and followers of the sport, this victory is a beacon of the exhilarating competition and sportsmanship that lie at the heart of local soccer.

Next up for the New York Pancyprian Freedoms (11-1-1) is an Eastern Premier Soccer League game against 12th place Suffolk County FC (1-2-10) on Sunday March 17th in Coram, New York with an 8pm kickoff. The Freedoms sit in first in the Metropolitan Conference. At the same time, the fourth place Freedoms II (6-2-3) take on third place Vibes FC (7-3-2) in the Third Division of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League at Astoria Park hot off their 1-0 win over first place Laberia FC.