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Panagiotis Margetis: the actor’s journey between Greece and the U.S.


Panagiotis Margetis is the main face in the award-winning commercial created by Piraeus Bank for the “Shop Local” campaign we watched in our screens in 2021.

After completing his acting studies in Los Angeles (New York film Academy, Ivanna Chubbuck Studio, UCLA Extension) he began his appearances in TV and the big screen.

We will see him appearing in the movies “Knives Out 2” by director Rian Johnson, which is set to release on Netflix later this year, “6:15AM to 6:15PM” by Carl Bessai and “Voices in Deep” by Greek Australian director Jason Raftopoulos.

How did you decide to get into acting?

Acting is something that has been in my life for many years. While in high school, but also later while studying in the University, acting was my hobby. The decision to do it professionally, though, came gradually. I was studying Business Management, doing an internship on this subject, as well as other jobs that had nothing to do with acting. Meanwhile, watching movies in the movie theatre became increasingly difficult because it was accompanied by bitterness. Why am I not part of this world? And why do not I do anything to become part of it? My “wanting” to do it soon became a need and I had to move accordingly. I had infinite drive, I also had the necessary support, so I went for it.

Which are some of your favorite moments among your experiences as an actor so far? (And why?)

Every time I do something for the first time, it has something special. First short film, first commercial, first movie. Anything I mention, I feel like I am not doing justice to something else. First thing that comes to mind though is Knives Out 2, which was shot in Greece and I was lucky enough to be part of.

Firstly, I could not stop observing Rian Johnson, director of the movie. It was surreal working with him and I was in constant awe. Meanwhile, it was delightful to see how much he enjoyed his job. A fine line between professionalism and pure candid excitement, which I find very appealing!

Also, there was something very surreal about it. The industries elite has come from Los Angeles to work in the beautiful natural sets that Greece generously has to offer. And I was part of it! Only a few days before shooting, I was vacationing close by with my friends. I was living in a dream!

Also, very recently, we had our short film “Past Lives” from Ukrainian director Maxim Varen screen before “Firebird” premiere at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. Watching our short in this iconic venue and meeting all this interesting people from the industry was priceless!

Who is a director you would like to work with?

The answer has been the same for many years: Yorgos Lanthimos.

Of course, there is many more, but Lanthimos has been a favorite of mine since first watching “Dogtooth”. Ever since I watched it I was mesmerized, and watched it countless times after that.

What are your future acting endeavors?

The industry has now become far more international than it used to be. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a couple of years now and I am working both in the US and Europe. My plan is to continue doing the same, being flexible to work wherever I can!


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