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Popular Community Support 2022 AHEPA Family Of Hempstead Constantine and Carol Cassis Scholarship Awards Easter Dinner

AHEPAN Family leaders with scholarship recipients. Photo by AHEPA 170 Board of Governors Brother George K. Lavas.

New York- by Catherine Tsounis

“One citizen differs from another, but the salvation of the community is the common business of them all ” Aristotle

            The AHEPA Family of Hempstead joined together as a community to present its 2022 scholarships on Saturday, May 7 afternoon at the hall of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul on 110 Cathedral Ave, Hempstead, NY. Scholars honored are Constantine Vasilakis and Konstantine Parlapanides. AHEPA District 6 Governor Dean Moskos honored and pined 3 AHEPANS for their years of service: AHEPA 170 Board of Governors Evans Lizardos for 15 years of exceptional service; AHEPA 170 Brother Louis Yeostros for 10 Years of service and AHEPA170 Member and Sons of Pericles Lord Byron 233 Board of Governor Brother Dean (Constantine) Yeostros. Fr. Constantin Urasche  performed the blessing. The Sons of Pericles served the dinner. Young and old enjoyed being together making this event.

            “This Scholarship Awards Easter Dinner Presentation is proudly sponsored by the Cassimates / Cassis family in loving memory of Constantine and Carol Cassis,” said AHEPA chapter 170 President Anastasis Stampolis. “Let these Scholarship awards presentations stand as a testament to what we do with the AHEPA family mission to promote Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family and Individual Excellence. The Constantine & Carol Cassis Scholarship Awards are by far our largest of the three different scholarship awards programs that the AHEPA family of Hempstead presents.”

            President Stampolis explained “The Constantine & Carol Cassis Scholarship program awards presents monetary awards and certificates to up to three qualifying High school seniors and/or First Year College students, one of the three awards goes to a Saint Paul parishioner family member and the other two to AHEPA Family members Family. These awards are based on merit and are accepted through an  application to our Scholarship Committee.”

            The speaker mentioned  the presentation of “The AHEPA Family of Hempstead Greek School Scholastic Awards for four Graduating students of the Cathedral of Saint Paul Greek School Program. Monetary awards, certificates and Medals are presented after the completion of the Greek school program after graduation ceremony in May. The AHEPA Family of Hempstead St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Awards involves participants in the  senior and junior speech division and  written essay division of The Cathedral of Saint Paul, who win a monetary award with a certificate presented in April.”

Many persons worked through the year to make the AHEPA Family events a success. They include: AHEPA Family of Hempstead Scholarship Committee Harry Monioudis, Chairman; Demi Pamboukes Co- Chair; Joanne Pappas, Member; Members Kenneth Anderson, Louis Yeostros, Anastasi Stampolis, and Anton Skrivanek, Fr. Constantin Urasche; Presv. Alexandra Ursache; Presv. Maryln Magoulias; Deacon Mathew Kakis, a Past President of the AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter No.170; Deaconess Bessie;  Nick Cassis and his lovely wife Fotini Cassis, Emmanuel Cassis, and Elaine Cassimates who sponsor the scholarship awards program.

            President Stampolis recognized: Current AHEPA District 6 Governor Dean Moskos; Current DOP District 6 Marshall Demetra Versocki; Past AHEPA District 6 Governor Demi Pamboukes; Past DOP District 6 Governor Fran Lutfy; Past DOP District 6 Governor Joanne Pappas; Past DOP District 6 Treasurer Marion Panos; Past DOP District 6 Treasurer Katerina Englezou; Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141 President Katerina Englezou; AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter Vice President James Ginis and wife, Pasithea member Irene ; AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter Exec Secretary Anton Skrivanek; AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter Treasurer Billy Demas; Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141  Vice President Joanne Pappas and Past President Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141Treasurer:Demetra Versocki; Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141Recording Secretary Sisters Eileen Demeris; Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141 Corresponding secretary Sister Tatiana Stampolis;  

SONS Of Pericles Lord Byron Chapter No.233: Georgios P. Cosmas, President; Constantinos E. (Dean) Athanailos  Vice President; Peter E. Athanailos,  Secretary, Dimosthenis Theofilaktidis,  Assistant Secretary; Lukas Demas, Treasurer; Panagiotis Petrochilos: Chairman of the Board Of Governors, Constantine L.(Dean)Yeostros Board Of Governors; Maids Of Athena Victory Chapter No.76 President Anastasia Menoudakos.

            The AHEPA Cassis chapter past presidents present were Gus Lucas, Cosmas Jannes, Harry Raptakis, Andrew Andron, Deacon Mathew Kakis;  Pasithea Past Presidents Joanne Pappas, Fran Lutfy, Denise Rigopoulos. President Stampolis said “We Thank You all for your years of Service!!! I want to take this time to thank the AHEPA family of Hempstead Events Committee who helped in pre-production and post production to put all this together: Tatiana Stampolis Daughters od Penelope (DOP #141), James Ginis; Billy Demas; Anton Skrivanek; Peter Cosmas; Soteroula Cosmas DOP 141; Joanne Pappas DOP 141; Demetra Versocki-DOP 141; John Vasilakis; Anastasia Vani, MOA 76; Leo Youpis; and Michelle Youpis DOP 141.

Father Constantine Urasche was honored with the title of Oikonomos. He has worked many years in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. He is well liked. A genuine Byzantine scholar who has helped many understand the Orthodox iconography and faith. Father Constantine is a low-key personality, never seeking glory or recognition. He is leaving and will be missed by all organizations.

AHEPA is the largest Greek American association in the world with chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, and sister chapters in Australia and New Zealand. It was established in 1922 by visionary Greek Americans to protect Hellenes from prejudice originating from the KKK. In its history, AHEPA joined with the NAACP and B’nai B’rith International to fight discrimination. The mission of the AHEPA family is to promote the ancient Greek ideals of  on education, philanthropy, civic responsibility and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism. The AHEPA Family of Hempstead consists of AHEPA Constantine Cassis ChapterNo.170; Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter No.141; Sons Of Pericles Lord Byron Chapter No.233 and Maids of Athena Victory Chapter No. 76.

Special appreciation to AHEPA Chapter 170 President Anastasios Stampolis who contributed to this article.