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Sarbanes Celebrates Oxi Day


On October 28, Congressional Hellenic Caucus Member Congressman John Sarbanes (MD-03) released the following statement on OXI Day in honor of the Greek people’s heroism in resisting an Axis invasion of Greece in World War II:

“On this day 83 years ago, the people of Greece stood resolute in the face of authoritarianism and oppression, taking to the streets to chant “Oxi” – “No” – and successfully defend themselves against an Axis invasion”, said Congressman Sarbanes.

“The story of Oxi Day reminds us to always stand up for what we believe in. As a proud Greek American, this principle informs much of my work in Congress. Whether it’s defending democracy at home and abroad or combating the forces that seek to divide our society today, we can all strive to channel the same courage and patriotism that led the Greek people to freedom and victory on October 28, 1940”.