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Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris Announces Passage of “No Citizen is Above the Law” Act

ALBANY, N.Y. – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris announced the State Senate passed his legislation (S.151) the No Citizen is Above the Law Act. This bill stops the clock on the statute of limitations for criminal and civil prosecutions for people who serve President of the United States. 

This legislation was introduced in response to former President Donald Trump’s repeated legal maneuverings to obfuscate investigations by the New York State Attorney General and Manhattan District Attorney.  

“Any President who breaks the law should be held accountable without regard to the time they spend in office”, said Gianaris. “We must close the loophole that allows Presidents to escape culpability by exploiting statutes of limitations due to Presidential immunity”. 

 “Statutes of limitations should apply equally to everyone in this country, regardless of whether they’ve occupied the Oval office or not. We in New York State will not allow any person to run out the clock on a statute of limitations and avoid accountability for potential crimes they’ve committed,” said Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (D/WF – Manhattan), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Housing. “As the former, twice-impeached President makes another run for the highest office in the land, potentially in an attempt to thwart ongoing investigations and avoid prosecution, New York State will hold firm that no one is above the law. I am proud to sponsor the No Citizen Is Above the Law Act in the Assembly and look forward to its passage.” 

Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris’ legislation will pause the statute of limitations for all crimes alleged to be committed by the sitting President of the United States, thwarting all efforts to impede on-going criminal investigations. Under current law, the immunity enjoyed by Presidents can be used to run out the statute of limitations on criminal charges. The bill will take effect immediately, allowing prosecutors in New York State currently pursuing investigations into the former President of the United States to pursue charges if warranted.