Home Church & Religion St. Demetrios Greek Language School in Upper Darby, PA Celebrated March 25th

St. Demetrios Greek Language School in Upper Darby, PA Celebrated March 25th

UPPER DARBY, PA – [Story & Photos by Steve Lambrou]

The Saint Demetrios Greek Language School in Upper Darby held on Sunday, March 17, a celebration in honor of March 25th, 1821. The celebration was organized by principal Maria Markakis and 8th grade teacher, Vaso Stavrakis and was presented by Eleni Sanida, 4th grade teacher.

All the students of the Greek School participated, from the Kindergarteners who addressed the audience with a sweet greeting at the beginning, to the 8th graders who staged a short play DESPO. Through the narrations, poems and short plays, characteristic elements of well-known heroes of the Greek Revolutions were presented and a special tribute was made to the known and unknown women who fought fearlessly for a liberated Greece. The event did not forget to reference the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, which is also celebrated on March 25. Students of the first and second grades honored our Theotokos by reciting poems about the joyful news of the imminent birth of Christ.

Apart from the students’ beautiful smiles, the celebration was enriched by the impressive scenery, traditional costumes, the timeless songs performed by the school choir under the direction of Marilena Drakou and accompanied by Katrina Christoforidis on the violin and Sophia Kaitidis on the piano. The celebration’s finale included dancing by the 8th graders who performed Hasapiko, to the song NA TANE
TO 21, instructed by their dance teacher, Ms. Christoforidis.

A BIG BRAVO to all who participated, students and teachers, for their effort and excellent presentation.