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M. Tannousis Re-Elected as S.I. Republican Party Chairman  

STATEN ISLAND, NYThe Staten Island Republican Party (SIGOP) is proud to announce Michael Tannousis has been re-elected as Chairman for another two-year term. At a formal committee meeting held on Thursday, October 5th, Assemblyman Michael Tannousis was unanimously and enthusiastically re-elected to his second term. The party united around Tannousis as they gear up for the 2024 election cycle. The committee also unanimously elected immediate past chairman Anthony Reinhart as Chief Operating Officer and First Vice Chairman.  

“It’s truly an honor to continue my service as Chairman of the Staten Island Republican Party”, said Michael Tannousis. “I’m proud to be recognized as a leader by my fellow Republicans. I am excited to lead this party as we support Republican candidates in Staten Island and across the city. Public service is my lifelong passion and I will continue to dedicate my tenure as party leader to improving the lives of all Staten Islanders. We’re in the midst of a crisis that will have long-lasting implications for our community and our country if we do not address it now. As the son of immigrants, I sympathize with those who come to the United States for a better life; that is what our country and the Republican Party represents. However, the policies that allow migrants to freely cross the border, while New York City uses our tax dollars to pay for them to stay in our city—while neglecting our own residents—is completely unacceptable and irresponsible”. 

Anthony Reinhart said, “our party is rallying behind our Executive Committee, with a strong, conservative leader in Assemblyman Michael Tannousis who is motivated to bring our Republican values to the forefront of this liberal, partisan city. This country is built on immigrants. The Republican Party supports legal immigration and welcomes all those who seek the freedoms the United States promises. But this requires that our government act responsibly. Open borders coupled with our city’s policies will bankrupt our country and destroy our city”. 

Also elected to the Executive Committee were First Vice Chairwoman Mary Therese Reilly, Secretary Giuseppe Deserio, Treasurer Loren Marie Centineo, Law Chairman Robert Brown, and Chairman Emeritus Bill D’Ambrosio. The leadership team is a dedicated group of individuals who bring a wealth of political experience and enthusiasm to the party. They are determined to strengthen the party’s political presence and provide a strong, conservative voice for Staten Island’s voters.