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“Youth, Sustainability, and Greece” Webinar Panel Discussion


The East Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance presents “Youth, Sustainability, and Greece” Webinar Panel Discussion on Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 2 P.M. EST/ 9 P.M. Athens EEST.

The panel discussion will be introduced and moderated by Lou Katsos, EMBCA’s President.

The distinguished panel will include Dr. Giorgios Dikaios, Research Fellow at ELIAMEP & Adjunct Lecturer at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Counselor to Hellenic MP/Journalist/Activist Petros Apostolakis; Lia Papazoglou Co-Founder of Ecogenia, and former Climate Programs Director; and Dr. Mary Cardaras, Director of The Demos Center in Athens.

“The Hellenic Republic with its rich history and stunning landscapes, faces significant sustainability challenges in the 21st century. These issues encompass various aspects of the environment, economy, and society that require comprehensive national strategies as well international cooperation, including with the Hellenic diaspora. Sustainable land and water management, renewable energy adoption, responsible tourism, urban planning, and social equality are all essential components for a more sustainable future for this historically rich nation”, notes EMBCA’s President, Lou Katsos.  

“To combat these threats”, he adds, “Hellenic youth (currently 25% underemployed/Eurostar 2023) can play a pivotal role in driving change through their passion, creativity, and determination and help the Hellenic Republic confront a crucial challenge – climate change urgency (4,618 fatalities from climate related extremes in Hellas/ EEA 2023) and sustainability. By equipping them with knowledge, resources, and opportunities, Hellas can harness their energy and commitment to combat climate change and foster sustainability.

Empowering youth is not just an investment in their future but also in the future of Hellas and the planet”.  

EMBCA invites all to join the panel in discussing both the challenges as well as real world innovative current initiatives and solutions (with paid jobs, localized Hellenic projects and climate action/activism) to mobilize Hellenic youth to meet the challenge of a sustainable Hellas