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ΝOEMA in Huntington Elevates the Meaning of Greek Food

General Manager and team partner Giancarlo Ferranti (1L) and Partner Lisa DiPinto (1R) with Chef Nicholas Poulmentis, Fr. Panteleimon Papadopoulos and Fr. John Vlahos at the Grand Opening of NOEMA Restaurant.

By Stavros H. Papagermanos/ Greek News USA

NOEMA, is a new Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in Huntington, NY (7 Gerard St., Huntington, NY 11743), just off Huntington’s Main Street (25A) and Route 110.

The word “Noema” (nō.ē.ma) denotes meaning, the sense of meaning, or the deeper, real meaning of things.

“Our senses enrich the experiences of our lives. It is with this concept that we bring to our clients a place where the senses are awakened with the meaning of superior food, drink, service and surroundings,” says the group of restaurateurs who opened up NOEMA last month.

The restaurant features three levels; the Kitchen and a dining room, along with a small private room are on the first level; the bar area is on the second floor and another dining room is on the top level.

Chef Nicholas Poulmentis

“NOEMA offers innovation in service, hospitality and food, while preserving the excellence of traditional Greek food and combining a fine dining experience with simplicity of ingredients,” said Chef Nicholas Poulmentis.

Poulmentis was born in New York, with parents from Chios, who moved back to Greece and settled in the quaint island of Kythira, where Nicholas grew up. “I was experimenting with cooking since I was 5-6 years old,” he says. Nicholas dedicates his first cookbook, “The Novelty of Greek Cuisine,” published in 2021, to his father, thanking him “…for letting me be your assistant fisherman, when I was only five-years-old, and, most of all, for pushing me to pursue my dream of becoming a chef.”

He says he was inspired by the various local dishes he encountered in his travels around Greece. That inspiration culminated to all he brings to New York, traditional Greek cuisine transformed through his culinary lens. “With my food, I aim to honor my roots while also sharing my evolution, both as a chef and a person. It’s my way of bringing people together,” he said.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Chef Nicholas returned to NYC, conquering the culinary scene with his reimagined Greek cuisine keeping his culture and traditions alive through his art. Poulmentis is a @FoodNetwork Chopped Champion based in New York City. Among his many accolades, Chef Nicholas has been featured in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times, was certified as an official Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy throughout the world and was chosen to cook at the White House.

Partner Lisa DiPinto, said she is very excited with this culinary collaboration, and raved about the amazing menu created by Chef Poulmentis. Asked about the choice of Huntington as the inaugural location, she said, Huntington was a blessing in disguise and added that Huntington is viewed as a microcosm of Manhattan on the north shore of Long Island. The group has plans to open a second NOEMA restaurant in Garden City, Long Island, in 2023 to be followed by a third one in Manhattan.

NOEMA Partner Lisa DiPinto with family and parents, Georgia and Tom Kontogiannis.

General Manager and team partner Giancarlo Ferranti said Huntington is a location where people will come from all over Long Island for the diverse and high quality restaurant scene.

Complementing the menu, they have put together a selection of the highest rated wines from California, Greece and Italy. The menu is reasonably priced with appetizers ranging from $14 to $28 for sharable portions, while main course ranges from $26 to $55.

Visit their website, www.noemany.com to see the menu, or even better visit the restaurant.