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AHI Strongly Condemns Turkish -Backed Plans to Open Varosha

WASHINGTON, DC- The American Hellenic Institute condemned statements made by Ünal Üstel, the “prime minister” of the so-called “TRNC”, who said the occupied area will move to reopen the entirety of Varosha after local “elections” in December 2022.

“AHI condemns any attempt to reopen Varosha, which would be in violation of United Nations resolutions, international law, international treaties to which the United States and Turkey are signatories. Its reopening also would be at odds with the stated positions of the United States government and European Union”, noted AHI President, Nick Larigakis and continued:

“It is important to remember that the real culprit is Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan has pursued a detrimental policy in the form of a so-called two-state solution in Cyprus.”

The United States and the international community must act proactively and immediately to place significant pressure on the Turkish government to prevent the reopening of Varosha, in the first place. Should Varosha be reopened, the United States must make it clear that it will pursue bilateral and multilateral measures, including sanctions, to hold Turkey accountable.

Furthermore, Secretary Blinken previously stated that the United States will work with the U.N. Security Council to respond to Turkey’s actions in Varosha. Therefore, we urge the U.S. government to introduce a Security Council resolution that unambiguously affirms prior resolutions about Varosha and urges U.N. member states to take such actions within their jurisdiction to prevent the commercial development of Varosha. Anything less would appease Turkey and compromise the United States’ credibility in the community of nations.”