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Christmas Distribution Brings Joy and Support to Needy Families

ATHENS – [Photo Credit: Stavros Tsakiridis]

The annual Christmas distribution event, organized by the Hellenic Relief Foundation (HRF) and hosted at the premises of the Hellenic Voluntary Relief (ΕΛΕΘΣΥ), unfolded successfully on December 20 and 21, in collaboration with the Social Committee of the Athenian Society. This heartwarming initiative aims to provide essential items to the beneficiaries of their ongoing support programs during the festive season.

Under the guidance of Maria Siourdi, the distribution saw the active involvement of HRF members, including Kostas Zachariadis, as well as dedicated volunteers and supporters such as Saki Kypraiou, Elli Thanogianni, Soula Belli, Antonia Pantouvaki, Helen Emmanouil-Konstantopoulou, and Yannis Lambrou.

Approximately 350 food packages were distributed to beneficiaries in Athens and Piraeus, with an additional 100 food parcels delivered to various organizations, including the Church of St. Catherine of Petralona, the Mutual Assistance Fund of the Association of Greek Actors (TAΣEΗ), the Meropeio Nursing Home of Athens, and the Christodoulio Orphanage, as well as the basics for a holiday meal at the Spetses Nursing Home.

The generosity of sponsors played a crucial role in the success of the event. Turkeys and chickens were provided by HRF member Kostas Zachariadis and the ladies of the Philoptochos of Holy Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church of Brookville. Financial and commercial support came from the Athenian Society, the N. Konstantopoulou Group, Mr. Vrettos, and numerous sponsors, including Agrovim, Kamilaris AEBE, Karamolegos, Barba-Stathis, FreislandCampina, Food Bank, Harasiadis Group, Loulis Mills, Tottis Bingo, the 2nd Municipal Market of Athens, and Coca-Cola.

During the distribution, beneficiaries had the opportunity to receive new shoes, courtesy of Meridien, and clothing. In the spirit of the season, efforts were made to extend assistance to those not enrolled in the programs, ensuring that as many people as possible received essential items.

In acknowledgment of the ongoing support, a dinner “δείπνο αγάπης» was hosted at the Athens Club during Kostas Zachariadis visit to the Greek capital. Distinguished guests, including Deputy Minister of Finance Harry Theocharis, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Konstantinos Kyranakis, Deputy Minister of Migration and Asylum Sofia Voultepsi, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis, former Deputy Minister Maria Syrengela, Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy John Chrysoulakis, and other sponsors and volunteers, attended the event.

Mr. Zachariadis expressed satisfaction with the organization of the distribution and emphasized the ongoing need to support those facing challenges, highlighting that while the crisis may be over for Greece, it persists for some of its citizens.

Looking ahead, the Hellenic Relief Foundation, in partnership with the community of Saints Constantine and Helen of Roseland, New Jersey, is organizing a rebetiko concert on February 24th, 2024, to raise funds for the upcoming Easter distribution. Renowned singer Aggeliki Psoni and the band Sergiani will headline the event.

As we celebrate the holiday season, the Hellenic Relief Foundation extends warm wishes to all media workers and expresses gratitude to supporters, sponsors, and volunteers who make these impactful initiatives possible.

About the Hellenic Relief Foundation: 

The Hellenic Relief Foundation, established in January 2012, is a non-profit, tax-exempt [501C3] organization dedicated to raising funds in the U.S. to purchase and distribute food and necessities to those in need in Greece. To date, approximately $855,000 has been sent to purchase and distribute food and essentials, along with social services valued at more than one and a half million dollars, with support from companies in Greece and the invaluable contributions of doctors and social workers volunteering their services.