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Draft law to establish national authority for cyber security is posted for public consultation


A draft law upgrading the government’s cyber security measures by establishing a national authority was posted for public consultation on Wednesday.

The draft law’s title is “National Cyber Security Authority and other regulations”. The National Cyber Security Authority’s purpose will be to coordinate and implement the national strategy on cyber security, and to prevent and manage cyber-attacks in Greece against network and information systems in the public and private sectors.

It is an upgrade of the Digital Governance ministry’s General Directorate of Cybersecurity, and will be supervised by the related minister. The Authority will be managed by a governor and deputy governors to speed up decisions, and it will include two general directorates (executive planning, operations). It will also operate as a national authority of certification and as a national coordination center for cyber security.

The draft law envisages 155 permanent positions, increased from the current total of about 50, including highly skilled personnel.

It also aligns with increasing national needs and its binding European Union commitments, including a new Directive (2022/2555, or NIS2) on a high cyber security level across the EU that will go into effect in October 2024.

The draft law will remain posted for commenting until January 17 and available (in Greek) through the official e-Governance ministry site, at http://www.opengov.gr/digitalandbrief.