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“Faith in Leadership: A woman’s Perspective” on International Women’s Day

MANHATTAN, NY  – GreekNews USA  

The live recording of the Panel “Faith in Leadership: A woman’s Perspective” organized by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Orthodox Christian Network was aired Friday, the 8th of March, 2024 on the OCN Channel to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Ourania Markaki, the Program Coordinator at the Ecumenical Department of the Archdiocese, moderated the discussion, while Noelle Wright, Program Manager at OCN, oversaw the technical aspect and the promotion of the Panel. The esteemed panelists were Elaine Allen, Debbie George, Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, Dr. Anna Yallourakis, Presvytera Mary Christy, and last, but not least, Kyra Limberakis. They represented a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, united by their common faith and commitment to the life of the Orthodox Church. The panel achieved to celebrate the inspirational leadership skills of Orthodox women by showcasing their multifaceted stewardship.  

The panelists touched upon how faith inspires and guides them though their personal challenging experiences enhancing their strength and values to equip them appropriately throughout their lives and furthermore give advice to the youth. Dr. Prodromou mentioned that when it comes to glass ceilings “there is no room to tolerate exclusion. That is not part of how I think about our faith.” By recognizing that there is a glass ceiling, but one that should be non-existent by faith, Dr. Prodromou re-invents how Orthodox Women should perceive their professional life. Mrs. George talks upon the ideal of the Perfect woman and how it transcends via generational inspiration. Mrs. Allen says that “women need to have the opportunity to lead, inspiring women to act within the church.” 

Tune in the meaningful discussion to envision a future where women’s leadership continues to flourish in every facet of Orthodox life. You can learn more on how Orthodox faith allows to achieve greater goals and grow mindsets exploring the power of Orthodox women’s voices, the strength of their convictions, and the resilience of their spirit in the personal, professional, and spiritual aspects of their lives.  

Ourania Makraki