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FM Dendias to RAI TV: “Turkey is trying to intimidate Greek society and government”

Φωτογραφία @NikosDendias

Athens – If any country is allowed to be victimized by a larger neighboring country, which -for whatever reason- interprets International Law to its liking, then phenomena like the Russian invasion in Ukraine will be multiplied, said Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias in an interview to Italian TV RAI, it was reported on Saturday.

Various threats against Greece are being uttered by Turkey, he pointed out: “the Turkish side is trying to intimidate both the Greek society and the Greek government,” he added.

“I am afraid that a permanent attitude is now being created, to question not only the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Greece, a member country of the European Union, but in general a way of dealing with relations among the countries in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he added.

Referring to the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, Dendias underlined that “Turkey has tried to create an unprecedented legal precedent. It would be the same as if Greece signed an agreement with Tunisia, not knowing that Sicily and Malta are in the middle. This cannot be allowed.”

He also emphasized that Italy’s support for Greece is particularly important, because it is a neighboring country, while Italy also has a very important role to play in both Libya and North Africa. [ANA-MPA]