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Malliotakis Celebrates Bipartisan Passage of Schools Not Shelters Act 

WASHINGTON, DC Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis issued on July 19 the following statement celebrating the House’s bipartisan passage of H.R. 3941, the Schools Not Shelters Act, legislation she cosponsors that prohibits schools that receive federal funding from using their facilities to house or shelter individuals who are in the country illegally. New Dorp High School on Staten Island, the Congresswoman’s alma mater, is one of the latest locations being proposed by the City to shelter migrants over the summer.

“There are two people who are truly responsible for the influx of millions of migrants into our country and city: President Biden, who opened our borders on day one of his administration with no order, process or plan, and Mayor Adams, who misinterpreted New York City’s “Right to Shelter” law and has continued to incentivize migrants with free housing and benefits”, Malliotakis said. “If you look at New York City right now, there are more illegal immigrants being housed in homeless shelters and schools than American citizens. I’m happy to see the House take action to stop the Mayor from putting individuals who are not properly vetted in facilities that should be exclusively utilized by our children. I urge the Senate to take up this legislation along with the comprehensive border security package the House passed in May”.