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Malliotakis: Expanding Gifted & Talented Classes is the Right Move

Staten Island / Brooklyn, NY Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) on April 15 released the following statement regarding New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to expand Gifted & Talented (G&T) classes for elementary school students in New York City.

“Gifted & Talented programs maximize students’ full academic potential and accelerate the development of skills needed to be competitive in the real world. I’m pleased to see Mayor Adams reverse the previous Administration’s nonsensical decision to eliminate these programs”

“Seventy- eight percent of kids who qualify for G&T programs are denied because of a lack of seats, forcing schools to hold lotteries to decide who is admitted into the programs. Expanding these programs and adding seats so more of our students can be challenged in the classroom and more successful in life is the right move. I’ve long joined students, parents, and community leaders to advocate for the expansion of these programs, and it turns out we only needed a rational mayor willing to do the right thing for our kids to get it done”.

To learn more about the Gifted & Talented Program, click Gifted and Talented (nyc.gov)