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Malliotakis: NYC’s Congestion Pricing Plan is ‘Irresponsible’

WASHINGTON, DC– Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today released the following statement as Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine announces plan to ensure state and city agencies take the necessary steps to enact the Manhattan Congestion Pricing Plan:

“Congestion Pricing may have a number of unintended consequences on New York City residents, commuters, and working-class Americans, especially at a time when we’re seeing record-high prices for gas, food, and basic utilities. While some are gathering today to push forward this congestion pricing plan, I remain strongly opposed to more taxation on the American people and will do everything possible to delay or stop it altogether, as our constituents are neither ATMs nor should they be guinea pigs for this first in the nation program. However, if under Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams, the Congestion Pricing Program moves forward, Staten Islanders, who are currently the only city residents required to pay a toll to connect with the rest of the city, must receive a credit toward the congestion fee for the Verrazzano Bridge toll already paid.”

Additionally, Malliotakis and Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) submitted an amendment to the Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations Bill to ensure federal dollars are not used to implement congestion pricing programs for any road, bridge, or tunnel until an economic impact analysis is completed and publicized. Additionally, Malliotakis submitted a separate amendment to THUD to ensure federal dollars are not used to implement congestion pricing programs unless a credit system is established for any vehicle registered within the city that’s already required to pay a toll to connect to the city’s center where the congestion pricing is established.

Malliotakis added: “Not only is it irresponsible to move forward with a plan without knowing the potential economic consequences, the last thing government should be doing is implementing more taxation on residents who are already scraping into their savings to make ends meet. If they want to get people out of their cars and onto public transportation, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams must address crime on our subways and improve transportation infrastructure in the outer boroughs.”

Congestion Pricing was adopted by Governor Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled State Legislature in 2019 but federal approval was delayed by the Trump Administration. In March 2021, the Biden Administration approved the nation’s first Congestion Pricing Program in New York City without conducting a detailed economic and environmental review. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) said the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) could submit a less thorough environmental assessment instead of an environmental impact statement, which would have required a list of alternatives to the planned tolling program. 

In response, Malliotakis and Gottheimer introduced the Economic Impact of Tolling Act, legislation that would prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from implementing Congestion Pricing Programs until an economic impact analysis is completed and made available to the public and policymakers as to the program’s potential impacts and consequences. Malliotakis has also introduced the Protection Against Double Tolling Act, legislation that would give individuals who reside on either side of a tolled bridge a credit toward any congestion pricing fee to prevent double-tolling.