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Milos praised by international travel media

ATHENS – “It is not only a picturesque island, but also holds great significance as the site of Greece’s most significant early Christian monuments. The Catacombs of Milos are an intricate network of underground tombs located on the island,” says the US travel website Atlas Obscura.

“These ancient catacombs, which were carved out of soft volcanic rock and estimated to date back to the first century, are believed to predate even those in Rome. Housing 291 arcosolia and floor tombs, they are said to have been the final resting place for over 2,000 individuals. The catacombs were used for the burial of early Christians and provide a fascinating glimpse into the island’s religious and cultural history”, the article continues.

The special characteristics of the island are also highlighted by the French travel website Generation Voyage that describes Milos’ caves as “ideal for exploration”, while other French-language media, such as the Canadian journal de Montreal, include Milos in the list with the nine best islands of Greece, while Vogue praises the island’s beaches.