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Op-Ed: Kristos Andrews missing from ‘Lead Actor’ lineup is the biggest Emmy snub of 2023

By Markos Papadatos

Kristos Andrews missing from the “Lead Actor” lineup is the biggest Daytime Emmy snub of 2023. The Greek News’ Markos Papadatos has the recap.

French writer, director, and visual artist Antonin Artaud once said, “The actor is an athlete of the heart.” Kristos Andrews embodies this wise quotation. Great acting comes in many different shapes and forms.

One of the biggest snubs, and perhaps the most glaring omission at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards, was the fact that Kristos Andrews was snubbed for an “Outstanding Lead Actor” Emmy nomination for his acting prowess in “The Bay” for playing twins nonetheless, the benevolent Pete Garrett and his nefarious twin Adam Kenway.

To quote an Indonesian phrase from the Oscar-winning Linda Hunt movie “The Year of Living Dangerously,” Kristos Andrew is simply “the water from the moon” for his acting work in Season 7 of “The Bay.”

His acting performance in this cleverly brilliant and compelling series, created by Gregori J. Martin, is a masterclass of raw and sincere emotions.

He delivers yet another landmark performance, which is death-defying and emotionally potent, an increasingly rare combination. His Emmy reel scenes are not flashy scenes, just beautifully acted and moving.

Andrews proves once again that acting is the art of being human, where if there is a genuine connection with the audience, it enhances the understanding and wisdom that is gained through life experiences.

An 11-time Emmy winner, Kristos Andrews is like a bottle of fine Robola wine, a Greek white wine. He is constantly evolving and gaining complexity.

What a great role model Kristos Andrews is… Mature, grounded, gifted, humble, level-headed, vulnerable, a leader, executive, kind and brave, and most importantly, a true artist through and through. One that is focused on his work.

Kristos Andrews represents a level of commitment to artistry that is nearly unattainable, and almost impossible in the film and daytime TV industry. A benchmark reference to anyone in the pursuit. Besides being utterly fantastic and gifted.

Andrews is an actor that could make viewers cry simply by twitching a facial muscle. He has rendered so many touching and memorable portraits in this series in an honest and resonant fashion.

He was praised by Greek-Australian actor Louis Mandylor as the “greatest actor” that he has ever worked with in his 30-year career in the entertainment business. “Kristos, wow, I love him to death, he’s a movie star,” Mandylor remarked.

“What can I say about Kristos that hasn’t already been said. After welcoming him, back in May, to the Samantha’s Friends family, I didn’t know what to expect. He is the sweetest, nicest, and extremely talented young man. If you haven’t watched The Bay yet, you are missing out. It definitely brings out his ability to act in that series. I am honored to even know him,” said Amy Whitworth, dedicated fan and viewer of “The Bay.”

Hopefully, this oversight will be rectified in a future Daytime Emmy Award ceremony. Kristos Andrews and “The Bay” deserve to be up for everything, and he should be winning everything.

Photo Courtesy of LANY Entertainment