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Project HOPE Reaches 1 Million Meals Served

On October 13th Project HOPE reached 1 Million Meals Served! Approximately 150 volunteers from multiple parishes and multiple states within the Metropolis came together to prepare meal kits. Thank you to all who have participated with a Project HOPE service event.

The mission of Humanitarian Outreach and Philanthropic Engagement (HOPE) is to partner with parishes in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago (“Metropolis”) and with local networks to help provide food security and stable housing to those in need.


The beneficiaries of HOPE’s efforts are children, families and individuals living within the parishes of our Metropolis as well as members of our community who are striving to achieve food security and stable housing. HOPE maintains the anonymity of all beneficiaries and does not share information about its beneficiaries without their prior consent.


Since March 2020, Project HOPE has partnered with Chicago-based parishes and local networks to provide food security and emergency shelter to those in need. To date, with God’s blessings, HOPE has served 1,000,000 meals to individuals and families, provided 3,000 nights to people in need of shelter through our partnership with Northside Housing and Supportive Services, and distributed over 12,500 CARE and COVID Kits.