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Remembering the 107th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Photo: Catherine Tsounis/ April 24th, 2022, is the Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Times Square

NEW YORK – By Catherine Tsounis

            April 24th, 2022, is the 107th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The Knights and Daughters of Vartan sponsored the  Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Times Square,  Sunday April 24, 2022. A March  for Justice and Reparations at noon began from St. Illuminator Cathedral at 221 E. 27th St. to the Turkish Consulate and Azerbaijan Consulate on the way to Times Square. Armenian organizations of AYF NY/NJ and ANC NY/NJ sponsored the March. A peaceful Times Square demonstration was held from 1:30-4 pm., with an effective peace presence. Greek Americans participated, as they always do each year. U.S. President Joe Biden and Members of Congress affirmed the Armenian Genocide through formal recognition April 24, 2021, one year ago.

            “Both being ancient civilizations, Armenians and Greeks have co-existed for centuries,” said Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Malkhasyan, Pastor of the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs Bayside, NY. “Together we went through the first genocide of the 20th century, when the Ottoman Turks attempted to eliminate all the minor ethnic groups of the empire, including the Greeks and the Armenians. We always helped each other until today, as the Armenians stand in great support for the Republic of Cyprus and the Greeks for the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). God bless our eternal friendship! Today, on April 24, we all together remember the Armenian Genocide of 1915!”

In 2022, Greek Americans are supporting the April 24th Armenian Genocide Commemoration with special support: it is the 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. We are united together in remembrance and perpetuating our language, culture, and our Orthodox Christian faith.