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Remembering the late Maureen Papalas

New York, NY – By Catherine Tsounis

“The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.”-Seneca.1

            Maureen Papalas of Flushing, New York, businesswoman, community leader, devoted family woman and dedicated community activist, passed away on March 15, 2022. “She was loved and cherished by many people including : her spouse Leonidas; her children, Angella Nostaris (Nikolaos) and John Joseph Papalas (Carmela); her grandchildren, Kalliopi, Leonidas, Nepheli and Alesio; and her sister Geraldine Kelliher.”2

            I became friends with Maureen through her community service at William Spyropoulos School of St. Nicholas Church, Flushing. She helped everyone, with a beautiful smile. My life was personally changed when she helped me with difficult business decisions. Her professionalism in real estate altered my life positively. She helped and never expected a pound of blood in return. That was Maureen.

            She was more Greek and Greek Orthodox than anyone I ever met. She loved the island of Icaria because of her marriage to Leonidas Papalas, who was the love of her life. Loyalty to Greek culture, traditions was a part of her life.

            In 2006, she was one of the PTA presidents of William Spyropoulos School honored for landmark work. As a PTA president, her love for the Hellenic ethos and Orthodox ideals enabled the laying down of the foundation on which the PTA stands today. She was a team player, motivating parents to give their best in creating excellent education at William Spyropoulos School. She gave her best. Maureen served William Spyropoulos School, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, her community  and our country of the United States of America. Her parents, who were survivors of the 1930’s Depression and WWII instilled in her patriotism, giving back to the community. Above all she had a deep love for the children whose lives she molded at the PTA.

            Maureen built upon the PTA’s past foundation. Her decisions strengthened the organization. She helped the PTA make sure the children progressed in education. She gave the PTA and her presidency her utmost efforts for a greater good: excellency in education to create a youth dedicated to perpetuating their country’s values, always remembering their Hellenic roots, which are the basis of Western Civilization. Today, William Spyropoulos School is one of the finest parochial schools in the United States. This is her legacy to her family, her church, and the community of New York City. Our Deepest Sympathy to her family and especially to her devoted husband Leonidas.


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