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Tannousis: “Protecting Law Enforcement and their Families Made Clear by Assembly Majority is not a Vote”


Assemblyman Michael Tannousis (R,C-Staten Island/Brooklyn) proposed the ‘Protecting Law Enforcement and Their Families’ Act, which would establish the crimes of Harassment of a Law Enforcement Officer or a Member of the Officer’s Family in the first and second degree (A.5186).

On April 9, the bill was held by the Democrat majority in the Codes Committee and not allowed to be considered for a full vote on the Assembly floor.

This proposal stemmed from an incident where protesters raised concerns about officers concealing their badges. However, it was revealed that officers were taking this precaution to protect their families, as individuals had obtained officers’ names and subsequently gathered information to threaten both officers and their family members.

New York has bore witness to numerous instances where the governor and state Legislature have seemingly turned a blind eye to the mistreatment of law enforcement. Amidst the harassment and tragic murders, law enforcement officers and their families have not only become victims of the escalating crime plaguing New York but victims to one-party rule.

“Not only me, but all New Yorkers are sick and tired of common-sense protections that restore law and order in New York being fumbled and thrown out by the Democrat majority in both houses of the Legislature,” said Tannousis. “This bill could have protected our police officers and their families while reversing New York’s alarming trend of choosing criminals over law enforcement. Unfortunately, it is more of the same in New York.”