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mAiGreece: A digital personal assistant for tourists in Greece


“mAIGreece”, a digital application that will act as a “travel assistant” for visitors to Greece and beyond, was presented by Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni at an event at the National Gallery on June 3, in the presence of the Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou.

The application, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Digital Governance, works as a digital travel assistant and a personalized travel “companion” using artificial intelligence technology and providing the user with all the information they need to enjoy their stay in Greece. “mAiGreece” will initially offer support in 31 languages, ensuring that travelers from all over the world can get help in their own language.

An easy-to-use application, it will go live on June 10, 2024, offering the travelers the ability to chat with “mAiGreece” by submitting their question in natural language, written or spoken. Using geo-location technology (GPS) “mAIGreece” will offer information depending on the area in which the visitors are located.

“mAiGreece” will be available for free on mobile devices through the App Store and Play Store.

In the first phase, the application will be promoted by the Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO) offices abroad, while there will also be a special event at the Athens airport.


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