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Malliotakis to Mayor Adams: Call on POTUS to Secure our Southern Border

Staten Island / Brooklyn, NY – Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today called on New York City Mayor Eric Adams to join calls for President Biden to secure the southern border following Texas Governor Greg Abbott bussing migrants who’ve entered the country illegally to New York City. 

“Instead of requesting more money from the federal government, Mayor Adams should be joining our calls for the Biden Administration to secure our southern border and end the unsustainable mass migration President Biden’s policies have created,” Malliotakis said.

“Since President Biden took office, more than three million individuals from over 60 countries have crossed our southern border, in addition to hundreds of thousands of others whom authorities estimate have gone undetected. I visited the Southern Border last year and our Custom and Border Protection (CBP) Agents are being overwhelmed by the cartels and coyotes who are profiting billions from human and drug trafficking schemes. We also know that since October, 56 individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watch list have been intercepted and tons of poisonous drugs such as fentanyl and meth are pouring in and killing hundreds of young Americans every day. The Biden Administration’s mishandling of the border has been an utter disaster and has created a dire humanitarian crisis, national security crisis, and public safety crisis”.

Last month, two suspected Mexican drug-cartel members were caught with $1.2 million worth of meth in New York City. Despite being caught by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the two men were cut loose on supervised release because of New York’s lax bail law. 

Malliotakis added:”As the daughter of immigrants, I welcome those who are coming to our nation in search of a better life and, in fact, my office has helped 65 immigrants caught in red tape become United States citizens since last year. However, they have to follow the processes our country has established to protect the safety and security of our citizens and the migrants themselves. New York taxpayers are fleeing our city because of the high cost of living, and now the mayor is forcing those remaining to pay for health care, education, and housing for those who are here illegally when they’re struggling to make ends meet themselves. The solution is not to ask for more money or provide more services that only incentivize illegal migration – the solution is for President Biden to restore law and order along our southern border”.