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Tannousis, Reilly Hold Press Conference on Migrants and Mayor’s Testimony


Assemblyman Michael Tannousis (R,C-Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Assemblyman Mike Reilly (R,C-Staten Island) held a press conference to address the six migrants who attacked New York police officers in Times Square last week and in response to Mayor Eric Adam’s testimony during the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Local/General Government on Feb. 6, in Albany. 

Five of the six migrants who attacked the police officers were later released without bail, a decision made by the Manhattan district attorney. It is now believed the individuals have fled on a bus across the country. As a result of the 170,000 new migrants in the care of New York City, Tannousis and Reilly are advocating for stricter laws and a plan to address the overwhelming migrant crisis. 

Mayor Adams was questioned regarding many issues in New York City including the city’s negligence to hold criminals accountable for their actions due to a lack of an affirmative plan to increase law enforcement.

“The horrendous acts on our NYPD officers, whose primary job is to protect our residents, were the result of numerous failures by New York officials,” said Tannousis. “If we are not going to hold criminals accountable for attacking a police officer then we have lost complete control of public safety. My colleagues and I are requesting President Biden, Governor Hochul and the City Council address the migrant crisis by securing the border and ensuring violent criminals are not crossing freely into our country and then given free housing, meals and a get-out-of-jail-free card once they arrive in New York City. We must hold people accountable, and that starts with removing soft-on-crime policies implemented by Albany Democrats.” 


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