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Washington Dispatch: Petros Kasfikis Joins GNUSA as Opinion Columnist

NEW YORKH, NY – Greek News USA

Greek News USA builds a strong presence in the nation’s capital with a new collaboration. Beginning in April, readers will be able to find “Washington Dispatch”, a new column penned by correspondent Petros Kasfikis, who will tackle the latest developments in U.S.-Greek relations, as well as broader issues affecting the region and the transatlantic alliance.

Kasfikis brings a wealth of experience, having covered politics, diplomacy, and business in Greece, the Balkans, and the broader Mediterranean region. He began his career as foreign correspondent for the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, where he covered the latest chapter of the Greek financial crisis at the International Monetary Fund. Over the last years, he has worked for major Greek and Cypriot outlets, which span from the national news agency of Greece (ANA-MPA) to MEGA TV and Cyprus Public TV (RIK). He is also the founder of “Genesis Pictures”, a video production company that specializes in short-form, cinematic documentary storytelling.

Greek News USA editor, Dimitris Panagos, remembers that he met Petros when he was still a journalism student at Boston University. It was then that Mr. Panagos nicknamed him “rookie”. As he recounted, “Petros had managed to secure an interview with Panos Kammenos, the leader of the Independent Greeks party. While we were unaware of this visit, we stumbled upon this interview on social media. As you can imagine, we were surprised and wanted to find out who was this rookie, who had out-scooped us”.

Michalis Ignatiou is a senior White House correspondent, who used to work for MEGA TV and mentored Kasfikis. He believes that “Washington Dispatch” will be a valuable addition to Greek News USA’s editorial content.

“What made Petros stand out was his devotion to the highest ethical standards of journalism. You could trust him that he will never trade accuracy for speed. And of course, his people skills and ability to make interviewees open was a charisma that it could not go unnoticed. His documentary ‘Into the Trumplands’ highlights exactly his unique interviewing style,” Mr. Ignatiou said in a statement. “He loved working on the field and no matter how far away the story, he always wanted to go there. From covering a Black Lives Matter protest to leveling with small-town voters in Iowa and indigenous communities in Dakota, you knew that Petros will always go the extra mile for adding a human layer to the story.”

Petros Kasfikis is an accredited correspondent at the White House, the State Department, and the United States Capitol. Please join us in welcoming him to Greek News USA.

You can watch his reports on MEGA TV and keep up to date with the latest developments from Washington by subscribing to his YouTube channel: