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Malliotakis Joins Colleagues in Lawsuit to Block Non-Citizen Voting in New York City

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Following through on their warnings to Democrats, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today joined a group of elected officials from New York City in filing a lawsuit to block the city’s new law granting non-citizens voting rights. The suit was filed in Richmond County and a copy can be viewed HERE.

In December, the Democrat-majority City Council passed legislation that would grant more than 800,000 non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. Mayor Eric Adams allowed the measure to become law by not issuing a veto prior to last night’s midnight deadline.

“There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system”, said Congresswoman Malliotakis.”The government should be working to create more trust in our elections, not less. The right to vote is a sacred right given only to United States citizens. This careless legislation violates the State Constitution, dilutes the voices of American citizens, and is not in line with the views of a vast majority of our city. We look forward to our day in court”.

“The right to vote is one of our most sacred privileges and obligations”, said Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella.”Last night, legislation became law that makes a total mockery of the concept of American citizenship. Allowing 800,000 non-citizens, including those who have been here for less than thirty days, to vote in local elections is a slap in the face of every single American citizen, whether born or naturalized. This unconstitutional act cheapens what it means to be a citizen and is an insult to every immigrant who has followed the law, taken citizenship classes, and swore an oath to our nation. That is why, as promised today we are filing suit to challenge this law”.

“Anyone reading NY state election law in plain English can see that it prohibits foreign citizen voting”,  said New York City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli. “The public should look for themselves at section 5-102 to fully grasp how their city government willfully violates the law without regard”.

“This bill clearly violates the Constitution, diminishes citizenship, and is no doubt intended to steal elections from lawful citizen voters”, said New York State Senator Andrew Lanza.

Other plaintiffs include New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy, Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar, Assemblymembers Michael Reilly and Michael Tannousis, Councilmembers David Carr, Inna Vernikov, Joann Ariola, and Vickie Paladino, and Congresswoman Malliotakis’ mother, Vera, a Cuban refugee who immigrated to the United States in 1959 following the rise of Fidel Castro.